This is the story of Suzy Sue and the fateful day when she went ATCHOO!

The truth is she sneezes, but doesn’t cover her mouth, which sends her farmyard friends into a frenzy.

“It’s true,” said the cow, “She is horribly rude, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be improved.

If we teach her the rules. I’m sure we can save her from a life of bad manners and ghastly behaviour.”

  • "It'll become a firm favourite for any child of pre-school age. Highly recommended. " — The Bookbag
  • "an entertaining and lively tale that exposes social faux pas and injects the fun into teaching the finer rules of etiquette." — Junior
  • "Kids will love the humorous pictures filled with funny details - and grown-ups will appreciate the helpful advice!" — Scholastic: Parent and Child

This is my second Suzy Sue story and it’s about good manners. In fact, it took me ages to write, because I find the whole thing about manners fraught with contradiction… After all, how polite is criticism? I had to really think it through. So Atchoo! makes the point that, while it’s important to keep your mouth closed when you chew, and endeavour not to smell, the most important rule is to treat others as you would like them to treat you.

“That means be kind,” said Suzy Sue….

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