I Want My Mummy

This is a story about the day that the baby blue egg came out to play.

First came one leg… then came the other. Then the egg yelled, “I WANT MY MOTHER!”

High in a ginko tree something red twittered and flittered and shook with dread, and pointed with one trembling wing… “Oh please don’t wake the scary thing!”

In the chase that ensues, the baby blue egg hides under something red, something yellow and something green… Can he find his mother without waking the scary thing?

  • "A delightful story... any pre-school child is going to love getting caught up in the chase." — The BookBag
  • "An enjoyable twist on the I've lost my Mummy scenario... just right for audience participation." — Books for Keeps
  • "Beautiful pictures, fun rhymes and an unexpected twist at the end." — Bournemouth Daily Echo
  • "A fabulous romp of a rhyme, full of dinosaurs, colour and one little egg's search for his mother!" — Carmarthen Journal
  • "A fun story of lost and found with a happy reunion finale." — Junior
  • "Great story, recommended." — Writeaway

I was so pleased when I got the idea for this story because it combines two very traditional plots that occur again and again in stories for the very young – the “have-you-seen-my-mummy?” plot and the run-run-as-fast-as-you-can, running away from the monster plot.

Don’t be confused – Baby Blue Egg and I Want my Mummy are both the same story. The first is the hardback title, and the second the paperback title.

  • United Kingdom Paperback