The Bump

This is a story about someone you know and something that happened a few years ago, before she was famous for loving you and for hip-hip-hooraying the things that you do, and mopping your spills and kissing you better…

It’s about your mummy before you met her.

  • "After reading Mij Kelly's The Bump last night, I snuggled with my kids a little longer and hugged them a tad bit tighter..." — Teaching Stars

I wrote this when my daughter was expecting my first grandchild… I was so aware, when I was writing it, of what a journey pregnancy is, and how women throw their all into it, to help their babies grow. It seemed to me that the boundless love and hope and courage of the mum-to-be wasn’t very often celebrated. So that’s what I set out to do. Nicholas Allan’s illustrations make this book. They’re so soft and sweet and funny. He hits just the right note.

Tender and witty, this is a wonderful celebration of a baby’s arrival into the world. A funny and poignant book exploring a mother’s joy at being pregnant that will help children understand how much they are loved.

  • United Kingdom Hardcover

  • United Kingdom Paperback

  • United States Hardcover