The Franklin Files

If you’re nine, or older, and love laughing out loud at books, then The Franklin Files are for you.

Fast, frenzied and very, very funny, this is actually two books in one – the award-winning 48 Hours with Franklin and its sequel Franklin Falls Apart.

Described in The Scotsman as “by far the funniest book ever to win the Fidler Award for new writing,” 48 Hours with Franklin was originally published by Blackie Children’s Books in 1993, and by Puffin a year later. Now it’s available on Kindle, together with its sequel Franklin Falls Apart.

Imagine stumbling on an unwanted shop dummy and dragging it up to your den. Too late you realize that the dummy is breathing…. The stuff of nightmares? Not for Joe and Gertie. When Franklin’s hand comes off in public, they just about cope. It’s when Franklin’s head comes off that the trouble really starts….

“I have such a soft spot for 48 Hours with Franklin because it was the first book I ever wrote, it made me laugh, and it won the Kathleen Fidler Award in 1993, so I became a published author.”

The Kathleen Fidler Award, which ran from 1982 to 2002, was set up to encourage new authors to write fiction for children in the 8-12 year age group.

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