Have You Seen my Potty?

This is the story of Suzy Sue who had something very important to do, something important that she did every day… until someone snatched her potty away.

What a terrible thing. What an awful to-do. Who would play such a trick on poor Suzy Sue?

Only a rascal quite ruthless and rotten would steal someone’s potty from under their bottom!

  • "a brilliant book... a delight to read aloud" — Write Away
  • "Youngsters, already tickled with the bathroom humor, will be in hysterics as Suzy Sue asks each animal in turn if they have seen her potty." — Kirkus Reveiws
  • "A hilarious book, perfect for potty training." — Modern Mum
  • "A perfect book for potty training." — Bournemouth Echo
  • "A book where you'll laugh together " — The BookBag
  • "a fabulous addition to children’s “potty” literature" — Tibesti
  • "It is hilarious!" — Read it, Mommy!
  • "I laugh every time, so does my little guy." — Bettina Restrepo
  • "A humorous rhyming text with a catchy refrain, and characterful, cheery illustrations will delight readers. " — Book Trust
  • "will not only give your toddler a case of the giggles but may inspire them to use their own potty seat" — Little One Books

I really love these characters, and I was blown away by Mary McQuillan’s interpretation of them. They’re just so funny, particularly the cow! In fact, I like them so much that I’ve written four stories about them now. So if you want to hear more about Suzy Sue, check out Atchoo!, A Bed of Your Own and Nursery Time.

There’s nothing I enjoy better than hearing that a child has laughed out loud at one of my books – so stumbling upon the lovely collection of customer reviews at Goodreads really made my day (you have to scroll down the page to see them).

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  • United States Hardcover

  • United Kingdom Paperback