One More Sheep

On a wild windy night in a thunderstorm, Sam fetched home his sheep and tucked them up warm, with woolly socks on their toes and woolly hats on their heads, all safe and snug in a big cosy bed…

So who could it be going rat-a-tat-tat on Sam’s front door?

Hip-hip-hooray – One More Sheep is back in print!

  • "Mij Kelly's rhyming text has terrific panache." — The Guardian
  • "works to perfection" — The Telegraph
  • "one bedtime story that will please parents, kids, and chicks alike!" — Three Silly Chicks
  • "This hilarious picture book is illustrated with sharp-edged style and wit." — Deakin Newsletter
  • "Dramatic, hilarious and with a witty rhyming text that turns every reader into a great performer." — The Scotsman
  • "...will have children squealing with laughter " — Mail on Sunday
  • "delightfully silly" — Junior Education
  • "a strong storyline, dynamic illustrations and interesting counting" — Books for Keeps
  • "It's rare to find such a happy marriage between author and illustrator, but the makers of "One More Sheep" got this one just right." — Boston Sunday Globe
  • "children will be ready to cheer (and count) these strange-looking but definitely lovable creatures, whose keen instincts and insistence on arithmetic solve the problem and save the day." — Booklist

“I love the way Russell Ayto interpreted this text. He really brought out the drama of it. After all, the whole point of the story is to provide a dramatic incentive to count (you’ve got to count the sheep because the wolf’s at the door). He added some wonderful touches. I particularly like the way the sheep cross their arms in front of their chests when they’re feeling put-upon, and the way their hats and socks fly off when they’re startled.”

One More Sheep was Junior Magazine’s Book of the Month in September 2004. It won the English Association Award for the best children’s illustrated book of 2004 in the Key Stage 1 fiction category, and was shortlisted for the Greenaway Medal. You can read more reviews at Amazon.

  • United Kingdom Paperback

  • United States Paperback