Where Giants Hide

I went hunting for giants. I searched far and wide. They’re bigger than houses. So WHERE do they hide?

  • "your class will laugh out loud at the havoc created as broomsticks and frogs are cast aside because they simply don’t do what they’re supposed to do." — Child Ed Plus
  • "If you love magic, adventure and humour (and who doesn't?) then you'll have a super time with Where Giants Hide. Well worth a look. " — The Bookbag
  • "This is a book to read over and over. I didn’t want to put it down." — Writeaway
  • "An excellent picture book with which to encourage readers to remember, and explore further, fairy and folk tale literary heritage, and to imagine their own magical adventures within the context of their own experience." — Book Trust
  • "The mass of detail in the illustration will make this book a firm favourite to share with a small child; there's just so much to talk about...." — School Librarian
  • "Powerful book about realising that things are not always as they seem..." — Angles and Urchins
  • "This wonderfully entertaining book of clever rhyming text celebrates childhood dreams." — Carousel
  • "Make sure to experience this ebullient celebration." — Kirkus Reviews

I wrote this story years ago, at a time when I was feeling very sad. It’s a kind of pep talk, or note-to-self to remind me where magic and happiness come from.

  • United Kingdom Hardcover

  • United Kingdom Paperback

  • United States Hardcover