William and the Night-Train

Everyone’s aboard the night-train.
They’re all sleepy-heads, ready for bed,
ready to ride the train to Tomorrow.

But the train won’t go until wide-awake William shuts his eyes….

Of all my books, this is the one that I’ve received most emails about. It really seems to have struck a chord, so I’m delighted to report that it’s now back in print.

  • "a visually exciting and satisfying story... the kind of book that children and adults will pore over together." — Booklist
  • "A truly memorable ride, this ticket to dreamland will be good for many repeated trips." — Kirkus Reviews

“In William and the Night-Train I wanted to capture that so-excited-I-can’t-wait feeling that you get before a journey or a holiday. At the same time, I wanted to show how magical sleep is: it’s a form of time-travel, fast-forwarding you to the future literally in the blink of an eye.”

William and the Night-Train was included in The White Ravens 2002, International Youth Library’s (Internationale Jugend Bibliothek) annual selection of outstanding picture books for children.

  • United Kingdom Paperback