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Friendly Day

Hooray! Friendly Day is published today. It’s a tall tale of idealism and unlikely friendships, beautifully illustrated by the amazing Charles Fuge.

The Franklin Files free on Kindle

The Franklin Files will be free to download to Kindle devices from 8 am (UK time) Friday 26 July to 7.59 am Monday 29 July.

Fast, frenzied and very, very funny, this is actually two books in one – the award-winning 48 Hours with Franklin and its sequel Franklin Falls Apart.

Described in The Scotsman as “by far the funniest book ever to win the Fidler Award for new writing,” 48 Hours with Franklin was originally published by Blackie Children’s Books in 1993, and by Puffin a year later. Now it’s available on Kindle, together with Franklin Falls Apart.

If you’re nine, or older, and want to meet characters that will make you laugh, then this is the ebook for you – two-for-one and both for free! You can download it to your Kindle here.

Atchoo Give-away

I’ve got five copies of Atchoo to give away. This is the perfect companion to Have You Seen my Potty? and A Bed of Your Own. If you’d like the chance to win a copy, just email me (mij@mijkelly.com) with the subject line “Atchoo give-away”.

The give-away runs from Monday 2nd April until Sunday 15 April when (being a very random person) I’ll randomly select five lucky winners and post out the books.

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Bump Competition closed - new competition coming

I’ve finally got three winners for The Bump competition (those questions were hard!) I’ll post the books out today and post a new, improved, easier competition next week.

The Bump Competition

I’ll send a free, signed copy of The Bump to the first three people who email me (mij@mijkelly.com) the correct answers to these questions about my all-time favourite children’s picture books.

1. What is the name of the little girl in The Cat in the Hat?
2. What is Max wearing in Where the Wild Things Are?
3. Name one of the many characters in Each Peach Pear Plum.

Not sure how difficult these are – they’re easy for me! Will post here when I have three winners and the competition is closed. If you’d like to hear about other competitions, “like” my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Mijx

P.S. I haven’t seen the film of The Cat in the Hat – or Where the Wild Things Are, for that matter – so these questions relate only to the books.