A Bed of Your Own

A Bed of Your Own is still available on BBC iPlayer . Check it out. Tristan Gemmill reads it brilliantly!

The Bump

The Bump came out today – hooray!

Name change

The paperback edition of Baby Blue Egg will be published in October – same story, same illustrations but, just to confuse you, it’s been given a new title: I Want My Mummy.

Have You Seen My Potty?

Thank you to everyone who has written to me about Have You Seen My Potty. It hasn’t picked up that many reviews yet (probably because of the subject matter) so it’s great to hear that it’s making lots of people laugh. A follow-up story, Atchoo, will be in the bookshops in July. Ostensibly it’s about being polite, but really it’s about being kind. Which all sounds very worthy…. but it did make me chuckle when I was writing it.

Invicta School

To the nursery class at Invicta School in London – thank you so much for your letter! I’m so glad you enjoyed William and the Night Train. In answer to your question, the roof of the train isn’t part of William’s dream, so that’s why it’s not there… I think… Maybe Alison Jay can give you a better answer!