Teaching resources

When I was in Wakefield last week I had a twilight session with literacy co-ordinators which really got me thinking about my agenda as a writer visiting schools. Why do I do it? 1. Because I want to help children become more aware of the power of their own imaginations, and 2. because I want to demystify how stories are put together. It’s something I feel passionate about – so I’ve decided to post some teaching resources here. It’ll take me a while to get this up and running (and no doubt my long-suffering son Frankie will be called upon for his technical expertise) but I’d very much welcome comments and feedback.

Wakefield visit

I had a great day with Wakefield Schools Library Service visiting Normanton Common Primary and Normanton Newlands Primary. A special thank you to the Year 3 class who told me about the sorts of stories they liked – stars, aliens and most of all surprises!

Three new titles

I’m really happy to announce that I’ve got three new books coming out this year. Giants (illustrated by Nick Maland) will be published in June, Have You Seen My Potty? (illustrated by Mary McQuillan) comes out in July, and The Happiest Man in the World (illustrated by Louise Nisbet) in October. I’ll post more information just as soon as it’s available.

Celebrating World Book Day

Just a quick hi and thank-you to the pupils and staff of Barlby Community Primary (all of whom were wearing pyjamas in celebration of bedtime stories when I visited last week!) and Holy Name Primary – especially Year 2 who came up with some wonderfully imaginative story ideas.

Up and running

Yay! This website is now cooking! Thanks to my son Frankie (who rebuilt it using Django) I’ll be able to update it easily – which is great because I have a hard disk bursting with stories that I’d like to post here.